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Ideally Dogs should receive walks on a daily basis. We understand that you have a busy schedule, and aren't necessarily able to walk your dogs or other pets as often as you would like or as often as they need. We will come to your residence; walk your pet; pick up after them during the walk; and wipe their paws when we return them to your residence clean, happy, worn out, and ready for a nap.

dog park visits

This service provides your loved one with the same exercise and energy benefits of a walk, but also includes social interaction with other dogs and the freedom of being off leash. Dogs are much happier when they are able to run freely, and they can benefit greatly from socializing and playing with other dogs.


Just like walks, some pets need to be brushed on a regular basis. If you neglect brushing your pet, their fur will tangle, knot, and become less pleasant to feet and pet. If a pet isn't brushed for a long enough time, their coat can become matted so severely that brushing becomes impossible and the only way to remove the matted hair is by cutting it off. If you have a pet with a lot of fur, but don't enjoy the brushing process, we would love to do it for you. Brushing is a great way for us to bond with your pet while keeping their coat healthy and helping to keep your home cleaner from loose fur and hair.

Yard Clean up

If you have a  dog and a yard, you know that they leave surprise "landmines" around your yard that you certainly don't want to step in. While also serving as stepping hazards, these piles can also become an eye-sore and a "nose-sore." Hire us to help keep your yard clean and green so you don't have to!

overnight boarding

If you are going out of town for the night or for the weekend, but you don't want to leave your pet home alone, we also can provide your pet with a comfortable home environment. Unlike a boarding kennel, we will keep your pet with us at our private house where they can roam freely as though they are in their own home. This service is subject to availability, and we will also need to be sure that your pet gets along with our dogs to ensure that everybody, humans and animals, have a happy and healthy experience.


Some dogs have higher energy and benefit greatly from a more rigorous jog or run. Just like the walks, we pick up after your pet, wipe their feet, and return them home. Our jogging service is subject to availability as we can only schedule a limited number of jogs per day, So if you are interested in this service, reserve your spot before somebody else does.

home visits

This service is perfect if you have a pet that doesn't need to be walked for any reason. This included but isn't limited to pets who may be sick or injured, pets with lower energy level, pet's who are unable to be leashed, and the like. During our home visit, we will stop in to see your pet. We will feed them, play with them, apply medication is needed, give them attention, and help to break up the monotany and boredom of their long days spent alone at home.


Do you have the proper shampoo's to bath your pet? Do you have experience washing and completely rinsing their thick fur? If not, don't worry, we can help you! We will completely wet your pet's coat, use a special pet shampoo to clean the dirt, grime, and dandruff from their fur and skin, rinse them completely, dry them with a towel, and then kennel them as they continue to completely air dry if you'd like. You're pet will smell so fresh and clean, you'll hardly recognize them!


pet sitting

Are you going out of town for the night or for the weekend, but you don't want to board your pet at a kennel where they may feel uncomfortable? Some crowded kennels can leave pets feeling nervous, anxious, scared, and abandoned. Not only does this force your pet to be surrounded by other unfamiliar animals, but it also takes them out of their home and forces them to reside in a small cramped cage for the duration of your trip. While you're gone, we will come to your home multiple times per day to ensure that your pet has meals, potty breaks, attention, human interaction, and anything else that we can do to help keep your pet healthy and happy in your absence.


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